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2019 Tech Trends Helping Small Businesses to Grow

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

With rapid technological advancement, 2019 is promising year for businesses as the trend in the technological space has a lot to offer. Small businesses are then in luck. They can tap from the enormous resources digitalization has to offer. Their data is better organized, teamwork is made easier with apps, file sharing makes work easier, Artificial Intelligence has also come into the picture to make work easier. Your business can grow in leaps and bounds with the application of tech.

Here are tech trends that can be very beneficial to your business.

AI-Driven Cybersecurity Will Protect Against Threats

As much as data is better stored and organized, the threat to data privacy is higher than ever before. Data theft has cost many corporations billions of dollars and some have even gone underwater. This cannot be divorced from the importance people give to their information. Thus, there is a need to be well protected against data piracy. With artificial intelligence driven cybersecurity, your data are well protected and customer’s confidence is strengthened.

Analytics and Data Will Facilitate More Effective Strategies

If you are into online marketing, then you need to be cool with analytics and data. Analytics give you the reality of people’s movement on the internet. For instance, you can know how the traffic is on your website with analytics. Now, if the traffic is low, you need data on how to draw people to your website. You need to know how to determine buyer intent. Buyer intent can’t be known without accurate data. Thus, with analytics and data, you can draw up better strategies.

Live Chats and Chatbots will Enhance Consumer Experience

Being able to get clarifications on your website will do a lot of good. You should incorporate live chats or chatbots. Live chats have real humans on the other end while chatbots have artificial intelligence on the other end. These give the customer a feeling of importance as there is somewhere to get answers to questions.

Edge Computing Will Make Data-Gathering Faster

Works like cloud traditional storage but much better and faster, edge computing is a mesh network of data centers which process and store data locally prior to being sent to a centralized storage or cloud. With this, the speed at sending and receiving data is faster.

Take Better Advantage of Telecommuting

The world has gone beyond the 9 – 5 stay in the office. People can work from home, outside the country, during vacation, on tours, etc. as long as the job is being done and deadlines are met. Use telecommuting to your advantage by allowing your employees to give their best where they feel most convenient.

Automated Marketing Will Continue to Save Time and Resources

This is the use of software platforms and technologies designed for marketing to help reach more customers on the internet or through the internet. There are online mailing systems that can send thousands of mails to thousands of people daily for little amounts. More, the world is basically on the internet, and social media marketing is quite affordable compared to the audience it can reach.

Leverage Virtual Reality (VR) to Boost Engagement

Virtual reality is an intelligent tool. You can perfectly describe your product to customers using VR as they can see the way the product works, they can be given an experience of how it works, and they can relate with using the product. Even if the products are not readily available, with VR, they can get to experience it. This enables the customer to engage with your brand in a way that wasn’t possible before now.

Using Facebook Messenger as a Marketing Tool

Facebook is the social media platform with the highest population of user – about 2 billion users. Facebook Messenger is the messaging app that can connect you to this large audience. You can always reach your target audience by sending them direct messages advertising your products or services. However, be systematic in your approach so that you won’t get blocked.

Selling Your Products through Social Media

Social media has the population; get your products in there. With Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. you can get millions of potential customers. You have to utilize adds, social media following, competitions and some other stuffs to make sales happen.

Influencer Marketing

Fashion stores and brands use this frequently. They get celebrities to wear their designs and these draw a lot of buyers to the designer. This has also worked with stores and other businesses as influencers draw people to what they are known with. Influencers can be musicians, entertainers, athletes, actors and actresses, etc. These people have a large following and a lot of people want to be like them.

Social Media Advertising

Advertizing on social media can be very effective. Millions are on different platforms and reaching them is very easy through ads. For instance, on Facebook, ads can be set for a target audience and only the target audience will get it. Fortunately, social media advertizing is quite affordable when compared to mass media advertizing. Use ads and following to your advantage.

Smart Technology Payment Solutions

One of the benefits of digitalization is smart technology payment solutions. With this, customers can buy your items on the internet and easily pay with their preferred choice of payment. This makes it easy for customers to buy anything as they may not always have cash but they have redeemable gift cards which can be turned into money.

In conclusion, digitalization is a big advantage to this generation. It has made marketing easy for businesses. It will be unexpected of any business not to tune into digitalization as it makes for better marketing strategies. New software platforms are in place to facilitate data gathering so as to know how to utilize them for better sales. More, emails are better sent as thousands can be sent by the minute. The place of technology in pushing business to a new frontier cannot be overemphasized as innovative ways of doing things are being introduced daily.

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