5 Apps That Will Increase Your Business Efficiency

Ever meet that strange customer that never knows what medication to pick or the one that likes buying the whole store. For over twenty minutes you are over there trying to explain how all the drugs work to a bewildered customer that at the end of the day still tells you “I’ll come back tomorrow”. Some pharmacists are sure glad to have the Internet at this present stage of their career because there are applications that can increase efficiency and are very easy to use. These applications can even help to solve the most difficult drug problems. Let’s take a look at these “saviors” in no particular order.

Ranked as the No 1 medical application among US physicians, Epocrates is the first app we will discuss here. It is comprehensive drug information resource that includes information on drug dosing, adverse effects, warnings and contraindications, black box warnings, and monitoring parameters. This app also has added features of drug interaction check, pill identifier, and laboratory calculators. It comes in a free version and can also be upgraded to Epocrates plus which costs $175 per year.

Lexicomp is another top app which according to the company “the most trusted and comprehensive mobile drug and clinical information for pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.” The app allows for better user interface NY making searching easier and faster. You can easily search for the drug name and Voila! All the information you need is available. It operates just like the previous app mentioned providing users with monographs, dosing information, advice on administration, an interactions checker, and warnings about adverse effects and contraindications.

Medpage Today provides clinical updates ranging from specialties to annual medical meetings and symposia. It is a service that provides daily coverage of any activity or even happening under the radar of health care. The app helps pharmacists stay up to-date on medical news and reference information.

Micromedex Drug information is a low-cost app, which performs most of the functions as Epocrates. Another great feature about this app is it can work offline; it is a free drug information app.

The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) app is the last one our exclusive list of top five apps that increase pharmacy efficiency.  CASP is an innovative way if evaluating and interpreting clinical literature. You can evaluate as many as 8 types of studies, select the study type then the app will guide you through a series of questions to evaluate the study. Other top apps are ACEP Toxicology Antidote App, Guideline Central, Monthly Prescribing Reference and many others.

These apps help to improve workflow in the pharmacy arming employees with enough information to help any customer In need. Sufficient knowledge of the app is also beneficial to the employees as they not only know about the medication but also are kept abreast of recent updates in their industry. So you do not need to waste twenty minutes of your precious time explaining to each customer that walks in.

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