Build A High Performing Pharmacy Team: How To Boost Employee Morale

A pharmacy is a complex setting to be in, customers coming in and out, shouting out orders at the same time employees trying to attend to as much customers as possible to free up the crowd. This grueling daily ordeal may prove to affect the morale and productivity of your employees. As a pharmacy owner, you have to set some things in place to make the environment as tough as it is to become serene and comfortable because your employees are invaluable assets that can improve your business if taken care of. So how can you build your dream pharmacy team amidst the daily constraints of the profession?

Creating a suitable environment for work is the first step in boosting your employees’ morale. The structure of your pharmacy should be tip notch, fans or air conditioners should be available as well as good lighting that will eliminate eye strain is also necessary. If your building needs a makeover, please do so; Paint or repaint the interior of the pharmacy, let the employees be happy that are coming to work. They need to be proud of the place they spend up to 12 hours daily.

Another way of boosting employee morale is team activities. This is a great way of building morale but there will be a closer bond in the pharmacy? Things done in unity always foster love so make sure people care for one another in your workplace. Team activities will also make working together fun, since employees know a little bit of themselves, work will move smoothly and productivity will be achieved with ease.

What better ways are there to boost the morale of your employees than by providing recognition and awards to outstanding staff Patients and customers can help in this process, today ask how well the employees are performing and how you can improve the quality of service rendered to the patients. You can also surprise employees with gifts on special days to show that you indeed care about them. Set goals for the pharmacy and reward the most outstanding employees.

Clearly state your goals and objectives for each employee; understanding roles and responsibilities will help in achieving the short and long-term goals of your pharmacy. Regularly have team meetings where employees are free to discuss any issue pertaining to the pharmacy. Let them feel secure and safe when expressing their ideas and opinions because you can not do it alone some inspiration can spring up from such meetings and acting on such ideas can bring massive profits for the pharmacy. Create a team culture or ritual that you and the employees always perform before the start of work or during the daily activities. You could make some days special in the pharmacy maybe making Fridays T-shirt or jersey day; the culture solidifies the bond making the pharmacy one big family. You could put up notice boards that contain information about the pharmacy, fun pictures of employees and other relevant information.

Whatever you do should revolve round the employees and the patients they are major stakeholders in your business so in essence make them happy.