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Collaborate with Businesses Online

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

There are a lot of online businesses and platform you can collaborate with. These platforms are basically to your advantage as they have a lot to offer you. Some of these online tools facilitate communication, file sharing, organization, etc.

Here are 25 online businesses you should work with.


This is an online project management tool that gives you control over your tasks, work and share idead with your team, and allows you to proof and review files and documents quickly.


This is an online communication tool that connects people via visual or audio interfaces. Its goal is bringing people together, even while they are physically far apart.


This is an online private chat and instant messaging software. It features groups and one-on-one/ group conversations.


This is an online communication platform designed by Google. It features messaging, video chat, and VOIP. With this app, chat history is never lost as they saved online and can be transferred to device to device.


This communication app facilitates teamwork as it features team messaging, project management, etc. Flock organizes the team and makes teamwork easy.


This is also an online team communication tool. It is an AI-powered team chat and it promises you that your message history is never lost, ever.


This is a project management tool that works specifically for graphic-based projects. It helps with managing projects and team collaboration; it also helps with dealing with clients.


This is a graphic design tool that uses the drag and drop format and provides access to a large repository of over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It can be used by both professionals and non-professionals.


This is a design tool that is vector-based and it is focused on user interface design. The designs can be used by app engineers to develop mobile apps. It is also used by web developers to convert designs into websites.


This is a computer software brand that produces creativity and multimedia software. It features products such as Adobe PDF viewer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. These software are operational with millions of users internationally.


This is another design tool that can give you awesome experiences with designs.

Google Docs

This is from Google. It gives an online document that can be shared. It features smart editing tools and unique styling tools.

Office offline

This is the Microsoft offline office that allows you to get a lot done without the use of the internet. This office features a lot from PowerPoint to word processor.


This is a developer platform where developers can meet to relate and showcase web apps and software. It is basically a developer’s platform.

Dropbox Paper

This is an innovative type of document designed for creative work. It aids file sharing, team collaboration, and assigning of tasks.


This is a file sharing platform where files can be stored to be accessed later or to be shared with others. It works with cloud computing.


This is another file sharing and cloud platform where files can be stored and share. All you have to do is share the link. This works by uploading the file to the cloud and sharing the link to whomever.


This is another way to transfer files for free. You can transfer up to 2 gigabyte of files on this platform at once. It however has a premium version for large corporations and those with life file database.


This is another online database where you can save heavy files for free. It works by sending the files like emails.


Formerly, YouSendIt, this is another cloud service that lets users send, receive, digitally sign, and synchronize files. This service started as an alternative to mails as it can be add attaching heavy files to mails. Thus, this gave convenience and evolved into Hightail. It works on mobile phones, desktops, and on different operation systems.


This is an app that organizes web pages the readers wants to read offline. It saves the pages while the operator continues to browse the internet and synchronizes the articles into a list for better accessibility. This started as a desktop software but has been developed to work on mobile phones and on multiple operating systems.


This is an app that keeps your notes organized. It helps with taking notes, organizing, arranging points, task lists, and archiving. This software is very useful if you are having a presentation and you need to get some points down. It is easy to use and works on mobile devices.


This is an image platform where information on the web is shared in the image format. Information is shared with many and there is room for shopping on the platform. A lot of ideas get fly around on the platform and you are bound to notice more of photographs, trends, and styles.


With over 9,000,000 users, it is one of the fastest growing ideas sharing platform. This platform allows its users to visualize, share and present their thoughts via the cloud. It has a free features but with limited functions. It however has a paid feature that offers lots of functions and features.

This is a teamwork app. It allows for stronger collaboration, and file sharing among team members. It also features the creation of minutes, agendas, guides, client-facing documents, marketing content, etc. With this app, your work can be organized by keeping workspaces around projects, teams, and clients.

In conclusion, the internet has come with a lot of benefits. Files can be stored on the cloud and retrieve any time. Proximity is not an issue as large files such as movies, software files, etc, can be shared with no stress and at no expense. Many of these software feature free and paid platform. To get the best for your business, the paid platform is suggested. With this, you are working with no restriction as to the features you can access on them.

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