End Your Day By Doing These 5 Things To Increase Your Productivity

End Your Day By Doing These 5 Things To Increase Your Productivity

Ever questioned why productivity level of some businesses reduce as the day goes by while for some, it increases? It is all as a result of how you end your day. Many businesses do not end the day the way they should and just lock up and put up the “closed” sign at the end of the day and reopen the next day. This is an unhealthy practice for your business.

As the owner of a retail pharmacy, there are things you need to do at the end of each day to increase your pharmacy’s productivity level. Here are 5 things you need to do at the end of the day to increase your pharmacy’s productivity.

  • Check your stock: this shouldn’t be new to you. At the end of each day, check your stock. While doing this, take your stock record book and cross check how many more goods you have. This will help you take note of any of your goods you are running out of stock on and guide you to make proper arrangement. This will lead to the next thing you should do at the end of the day to ensure productivity.
  • Balance up your account for the day: let’s start with this. At the end of the day, do all your balancing and close up the account for the day. An unbalanced account at the end of the day most likely will reduce your productivity. If your account is properly balanced and cross checked with the stock you have, you would be able to keep tab on how much you are making and how much you are losing. This information will definitely spur you to device ways of increasing your profit margin.
  • Check your complaint and suggestion box: I am assuming your retail pharmacy has a complaint and suggestion box where customers drop their complaints and suggestions. At the end of the day, read through the complaints and suggestions that might have been dropped in the box and take note of what your customers think, what they want and what they think you should improve on. Doing this at the close of the day will help you take note of these things and work on them the following day. This will to a great extent increase your productivity. If you do not have a complaints and suggestion box, I strongly advise you get one
  • Appreciate your staff: not many employers do this because they do not know how important it is to the business’ productivity level. At the end of each working day, it is very important you appreciate all your staff at the end of the day. This will increase their work morale and make them even do more the next day. A little “thank you, I really appreciate your effort today” can go a long way in encouraging your staff and motivating them to be willing to give more of themselves to your business. Note, this should be done individually.
  • Close for the day: this might look like what every other person does and what you have been doing all year. The truth is, not many businesses truly close for the day. Closing for the day means before you lock up the door, you tidy up and make sure you finish up every business of the day. It is very wrong to carry tasks from the previous day into another day. Make sure every task you have started gets completed. Also, note that, I said close for the day. Daily tasks are different form weekly tasks. So, at the end of the day make sure you have completed every task for that particular day.

I can assure you if you take your time to these things at the end of each business day at your retail pharmacy, you will soon begin to see your productivity level increase.

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