BE+Well Muscle Rub

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The Story

While working as a compounding pharmacist and dealing with my own back issues and kidney problems, I wanted a better solution for an OTC topical pain relief cream. Many of our patients struggled with oral pain meds, side effects, drug interactions and disease state issues. I decided to develop my own topical pain relief cream with the knowledge I had gained while compounding them. The result was stellar!!

Most OTC pain relief creams contain one or two ingredients and sit on the skin without significant absorption. Our goal was to add multiple ingredients to attack multiple pain pathways and to penetrate deep into the tissue. BE+Well muscle rub does just that!! This rub is similar to a more expensive topical pain relief cream but brings heat and penetration at a much better price point.

This all-in-one topical pain solution has been an answer to many patients’ concerns. It works great on all types of pain including but not limited to muscle and joint pain, arthritis, back and neck pain, joint stiffness, sprains and strains, etc. Buy our product today and put it to the test. We promise it will be the best product that money can buy!

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