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About Biota Botanicals

The key to BIOTA’s is in the clinically-tested, proprietary ingredient Herbal BioComplex B11 – a scientifically formulated blend of herbal extracts with naturally occurring minerals and essential fatty acids that work by providing nourishment to the hair and scalp. When used as directed, BIOTA Botanicals strengthens from the inside out, helping in the fight to maintain and encourage stronger, more resilient hair, and revitalizing the appearance of hair, while increasing volume and encouraging thicker, fuller-looking hair.

At the end of a clinical study, more than 97% of study participants said their hair grew thicker, fuller and stronger after using the BIOTA Botanicals Advanced Herbal Care Shampoo together with the Leave-In Serum.*

Additionally, more than 83% of study participants using BIOTA Botanicals Advanced Herbal Care Shampoo alone said they noticed their hair grew more densely than before.*

BIOTA Botanicals Advanced Herbal Care collection offers a full range of products containing the clinically tested Herbal BioComplex B11, which is shown to have a positive effect on the health of your hair. While each can work independent of each other, for optimal results, use in sequence.

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