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About Body Togs

BodyTogs is a scientific company focused on weight loss and fitness. Founded by Dr. Ayaz Virji MD, Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine, our evidence-based product line is distributed in over 40 pharmacies and doctor offices in Minnesota. We are expanding to pharmacies nationwide. We offer a high quality product line, 100% buy-back guarantee, and excellent customer service for our pharmacy distributors.

Body togs anatomically designed weighted sleeves fit comfortably on calves and forearms underneath daily wear clothing. Wearing during a routine 8 hour day adds a “two mile run” to an individual’s calorie burn. Body togs all natural Essentials Vitamin supplement boosts metabolism in a heart-healthy way. Body togs all natural Appetite Control supplement suppresses bothersome cravings between meals in a heart-healthy way. Body togs Slimming cream is applied topically to areas of local fat including love handles, saddle-bags, etc. and helps dissolve stubborn fat and smooths out cellulite.

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