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Meet the “Chewy Q”, “Knobby Q” and “Sensory Spoon”

3 TOP SELLERS from our  CHEWY BABY™ COLLECTION From the Makers of Chewy Tubes®

Growing Mouths can’t get enough biting on these popular colorful and engaging Teethers & Feeders manufactured along the coast of Maine by Speech Pathology Associates, LLC. Chewy Tubes® medical grade baby teethers introduce Babies to fun and exciting teething experiences that support proper oral alignment and healthy jaw function for feeding and speech.

Recommended by speech therapists and pediatric dentists for healthy mouth development, our Chewy Tubes® brand products are free of latex, lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates, and carry a US Child Safety Product Certification.

Well versed in pediatric development, Speech Pathology Associates, LLC has pioneered the design and production of artisan Chewy Tubes® products for parents, therapists and children around the globe for 23 years.

Chewy Q™ – Baby’s “First Teether”
• Stage 1 Level – Offers a smooth, flexible surface for Baby’s new gums in a calm orange hue.
• Intended to introduce up/down jaw action
• Unique product design leaves Baby’s mouth open for oral breathing and lots of fun sound play
• A True Favorite all day long. Easily grasped by little fingers. Babies LOVE Chewy Q’s!

Knobby Q™ – Prepares Baby for textured foods
• Stage 2 Level – Attractive red Teether offers more sensory input inside the mouth for sprouting teeth
• Provides a bumpy, bitable surface for stimulation to gums
• Perfect knobby surface to practice jaw closure and biting action
• Easily grasped and placed to the Right and Left sides of the mouth to practice biting skills

Sensory Spoon™ – Encourages Self-feeding Skills
• Unique bowl design enables easy food pick-up by Baby
• Textured knobby handle encourages Baby’s developing grasp
• Develops eye to hand, and hand to mouth oral feeding skills
• Baby can self-feed easily with success using Right or Left hand

Mouth pleasing creations for Baby from
Speech Pathology Associates, LLC
Makers of Chewy Tubes® brand products

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