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About Fresh-tips

Fresh-tips is a patented (issued utility and design) disposable mini-brush.
It is very unique in how it looks and works. It has a sugar-free (xylitol) peppermint flavored candy ring on the outside that you consume and enjoy first. When you’re done, use the soft rubber bristles underneath to clean your entire mouth (teeth, tongue, and gums).

  • Use the soft-pick at the bottom to floss…
  • It is discreet, fun, delicious, practical, effective, and good for you.
  • It changes the beahavior of how people clean and brush their mouth on-the-go. It becomes a fun, delicious experience…
  • Its small, with a transparent handle and soft rubber bristles that hold a sugar-free candy ring over it…
  • There’s nothing like this… Everything else is just another brush
  • It was designed to be practical, simple and discreet.

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