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About Hemp & Hand

Hemp & Hand believes in making sustainable, hemp-based, personal care products that are good for you and good for the environment. We bring healthy compounds and sweet-smelling terpenes into everyday essentials like sanitizers, deodorants, lip balms, relief balms, gummies, and candles. The result is eco-friendly products that feel great and enhance your mood.

We thoughtfully include the healthy compounds and terpenes found in nature unearthing the power of Plant Synergy — a heightened user experience where hundreds of botanical characteristics are working together to create additional health benefits. The result is eco-friendly products that smell great, uplift your mood, and are enhanced when enjoyed together.

The power of synergy is carefully considered during our ideation process at Hemp & Hand. The results are intentional formulations of the highest quality that honors the full potential of your optimal well-being, as well as the full potential of Plant Intelligence.

Visit our Website:  https://www.hempandhand.com

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