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As a pharmacist, your recommendation is important to your customers. In making that recommendation, you want to have confidence that your customer will be happy with the product you are recommending. Our goal at Herb Tech is to give you the confidence that by recommending Herb Tech you are providing your customers with products that are the most innovative, highest quality, best value on the market and worthy of your recommendation.

Innovation in the CBD product industry is not about a product just having CBD.  We believe that true innovation is about how the CBD is formulated to maximize its health and wellness benefits. One of the biggest innovations is mode of delivery into the body. Current methods of ingestion, (smoking, vaping, edibles, topicals and sublinguals) are inefficient and many are harmful.  To solve this problem, the scientists at Herb Tech Pharma created 2 novel patent pending formulation technologies. The oral PSM (Penetrating Sublingual Mist) technology is designed to replace smoking, vaping and sublinguals. This technology is an oral micro mist spray with proprietary adhesive and penetration agents for penetration through the sublingual tissue.   Effective, efficient and easy for the consumer to use.

Our topical penetration technology (called Phase Change) is designed to outperform current topical products. Phase Change is a complex emulsion that penetrates skin by changing its chemical orientation from oil to water allowing the CBD to penetrate deep into the epidermal layers. For targeted delivery, this is a topical that works. .

But the story doesn’t end with technology, each Herb Tech product contains industry leading amounts of certified CBD from Hemp at the most competitive price point. Our products are manufactured with pharmaceutical standards and industry leading full panel certification. All packaging is dosed controlled for a precise customer experience. In addition to CBD, Herb Tech products are formulated with a portfolio of well documented botanical extracts designed around consumers’ lifestyle and need states. Our innovative focus on consumer need state helps the consumer and the retailer identify the product that best address the user’s specific life-style needs.

Herb Tech Pharma’s commitment to providing the best and most trusted CBD and Botanical experience for the consumer is focused on the total health and wellness experience ranging from the most advanced formulation science, to the highest concentration of the best CBD and botanicals to the consumer dosing control through packaging design, all validated through independent full panel certification. This provides us with confidence knowing that consumers can trust their health and wellness experience to Herb Tech Pharma and you can trust making that recommendation for your customers.

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