Innovia Probiotic Nectar

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About Innovia Probiotic Nectar

Innovia Probiotic Nectar

Innovia Probiotic Nectar represents a new, novel and delicious way to get your daily dose of healthy probiotics. Our patented LP-DG® strain is carefully packaged in a unique ‘micro-shot’ delivery system that contains both stable powders, and bioactive liquid components. Innovia Probiotic Nectar supports immune function, digestive health, and multiplies, balances and nourishes the gut microbiome to help the body heal and thrive.

Why consumers love Innovia Probiotic Nectar 

  • Prescribed by the majority of gastroenterologists in the most advanced and mature probiotic market in the world.
  • Reputably known as Italy’s No.1 probiotic strain and sold in more than 20,000 pharmacies in Italy and worldwide. 
  • LP-DG® strain has a 20-year history of use for providing safe and effective benefits for people experiencing a range of intestinal complaints.
  • Our strain has unique physical and biological characteristics, and the efficacy of LP-DG® has been documented in more than 20 clinical studies.  
  • Patented LP-DG® strain proves to be most effective when administered in Innovia’s unique micro-shot liquid delivery system. 
  • Innovia Probiotic micro-shots harness ingredients and dose modalities that are not typically available to live and viable organisms. 
  • The micro-shot overcomes tremendous stability challenges to deliver our powerful LP-DG® strain, in combination with essential liquid nutrients including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and prebiotics.

Why medical professionals trust Innovia

Steeped in research and passion for more than 50 years, Innovia is brought to you by SOFAR, one of the world’s leading digestive health companies. For decades, SOFAR has dedicated countless resources to improving the gut health and general wellbeing of its consumers.  SOFAR is the owner of Italy’s leading dietary supplement brand and one of the most recognized probiotic strains worldwide.

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