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About Leading Edge Pharms

Leading Edge Pharms, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the research, development and commercialization of novel cannabinoid therapies and innovative drug delivery systems.

Here are some key points of distinction about our CANNAVERA™ line of Pain Relief products:

• Silvidiol™ effectively penetrates the skin into the epidermis where it demonstrates a binding affinity to TRPV1 receptors, thereby inhibiting/reducing pain signals being sent to the brain resulting in perceived pain relief.

• Our patent pending compound Silvidiol™ is like no other on the market. It has been independently CRO tested and demonstrates no systemic exposure, (<0.78%).

• CANNAVERA Pain Relief products are manufactured in a registered FDA facility following CGMP guidelines. No synthetic chemicals are used in our products. All ingredients are certified natural and safe.

• Topical CANNAVERA Pain Relief products may be used as a complimentary therapy with oral OTC and oral prescription pain medications because there is no indication of systemic exposure preventing interaction.

• Silvidiol™ releases within the epidermis consistently over a 24 hour period. Apply 4-5 X the first two days then 2 X daily for consistent results.

• Silvidiol’s proprietary manufacturing process and delivery system allows Leading Edge Pharms to guarantee a 12 month shelf life, unlike ANY other topical CBD product on the market today.

• Our hemp is grown and sourced from Kentucky, USA and is THC free. It will not show up as a positive in drugs tests, nor will one get high from applying the product.

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