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Lubricity® is a Premium Dry Mouth Oral Spray, that provides comfort and relief from symptoms of Dry Mouth (xerostomia). As many as 64.8% of the general population suffer from dry mouth symptoms due to side-effects of over 500 medications, cancer chemotherapy, sleep apnea, autoimmune diseases (such as Sjogren’s Syndrome), lifestyle choices (such public speaking, smoking or consuming large quantities of caffeine), and many more.

· Lubricity can help nearly 65% of the population to get their symptoms of Dry Mouth under control!
· Lubricity’s unique and simple 5-Ingredient formulation includes premium ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, that helps seal the mouth’s natural moisture creating a soothing and hydrating feeling.
· Lubricity is the only OTC Dry Mouth Spray that contains Hyaluronic Acid.
· Lubricity provides immediate relief for up to 4 hours by forming a colorless, flavorless, gel film that coats the mouth and penetrates oral tissue.
· Lubricity’s remarkable formulation is also sugar-free, alcohol-free, and gluten-free

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