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About LUXStore products

LUX Store are purveyors of premium grade organic cotton period products. We are a female led enterprise with the core goal of making every period plastic free. To this end we have created both a disposable and reusable range of period products. Headquartered in the UK, we have an established supply chain of ethical manufacturers around the world, who are able to manufacture to scale.

Introducing our Organic Night Pad range:

Our extra long organic night pads are made from layers of certified organic cotton. Covered in a hygiene sheath made from corn starch, our product is an eco-warrior’s dream. The cotton used in our pads is GMO free, organic, hypoallergenic and free from any pesticides, plastics, unpronounceable chemicals. No side effects whatsoever guaranteed. These extra long pads are designed to support a wearer through a long night’s sleep.

Manufactured sustainably by family run businesses -our pads are here for the long term.

Introducing our Organic Reusable period underwear range:

We are the world’s first to make organic period underwear. The gusset in the underwear comprises organic and vegan layers ensuring that women can flexibly go about their day while on their period without a worry.

Fashioned in 3 styles(Thong, Bikini and High Waisted) and available in as 2 pairs per packs, our period underwear comes in 6 different sizes from XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

We estimate that 2 sets of underwear ( for instance a Bikini pair and a Thong pair) should see a lady through her periods and last her around 50 washes, which is about 2.5 years. Once they are ready to dispose the product, it simply needs to be thrown away with household waste. Wherever it goes, into the ocean or in a landfill, the product will decompose in 12 months.

Our undies are machine washable.

This reduces period pollution on the one hand but on the other its wonderful for the women’s own health too.

Manufactured sustainably by a family run business in India, our undies are free from PFAs, Phathaletes, chemicals, synthetics, pesticides and any nasties. They are vegan, cruelty free and premium organic products.

We believe in Period equity and protecting the dignity of women who don’t have access to period products, so as a proportion of sales – we will donate our products to foodbanks.

We will also donate $1 for every product sold to Tree Nation so that a tree is planted in geographies where our product is sold.

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