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About MadeMan

Most men are never taught about skincare. When they are, many are overwhelmed by the variety of products they are supposed to buy and routines that they are told to follow.

The truth is that there are only a handful of critical parts to proactive skincare regimen: cleansing, moisturization, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, pollution protection, and harmful ray reduction.

Nevertheless, most men’s skincare companies require no fewer than five to six products to achieve these measures. Mademan exists to make skincare easy, accessible, and affordable to any aspirational man.

We took nearly 2 years to create this perfect formulations-Products created with the highest quality ingredients, ethicality and integrity. All our products are certified vegan, cruelty-free, and made in America. We are a pending B-corp. Our sustainability goals are a work in progress, but all of our packaging is recyclable, and it is why we have developed our bottles and subscriptions to last two months— to cut down on waste and shipping.

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