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About MD Brush

MDB is a unique company that represents a paradigm shift in the common knowledge associated with tooth brushing. Research indicates that 70% of the population will experience gum disease at some point in their life, which has now been linked as contributing to multiple systemic conditions. Dental professionals spend an enormous amount of time re-educating patients on proper brushing technique and yet gum disease is still the sixth most prevalent health condition in the USA. MDB holds two patents, FDA registration, and is currently sold on Amazon (5-star rating), select retail outlets and in private dental practices.

Top Dental Professional agree that the MD Brush is the next big thing in the toothbrush sector by addressing the most common errors associated with brushing at a price point significantly lower than the electric competition.

The MD Brush is the ONLY toothbrush designed to break the cycle of poor brushing and re-format the muscle memory associated with brushing to TEACH the ADA recommended Bass method. The Bass method is research-proven to be the most effective way to brush below the gum line and prevent gum disease.

Some of the common industry trends we hear include:

· Provide proper brushing technique and feedback (handle, bristles, visual indicators)

· Cost-effective substitute to power brushes – high sales conversion rate, high loyalty

· Promote the BASS method as endorsed by the ADA, and dental professionals

· Provide additional revenue

We have been able to help our customers successfully address these industry trends and other issues. I would like an opportunity to share some examples with you. For additional information on our company and products, please email us at

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