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About Molecular Biolife International

MBI began in 2000 when Robert Den Hoed created his first formulation to aid with his wife’s chronic knee pain after an injury. As a scientist, he knew he could help her restore the active lifestyle she led prior to the injury. After rigorous research and laboratory testing, his first formulation was complete. Her pain diminished, which allowed her to resume her active lifestyle. The successful outcome led Robert to creating a full line of collagen and antioxidant support products.

Collagen is a building block for skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles and other connective tissues; it is considered to be the most abundant protein found in the body. Different types are found throughout the body and have the potential to help with cell growth, replacing dead skin cells, aid with structure, elasticity, strength, provide organs with protective covering, and even helps the blood to clot. Antioxidant support is critical for protecting our cellular integrity. Maintaining healthy cells and cleansing the body from free radical damage, which can be experienced in the form of inflammation, fatigue, pain, accelerated ageing, and other negative health implications, is vital to collagenous support.

MBI products are formulated with all of this in mind. Our product line offers joint support, bone support, memory support, cellular support, and antioxidant, immune & respiratory support. Our scientifically formulated products are created for maximum potency, bioavailability, and absorption, boasting the use of various types of collagens. Any of the collagen support may be paired with the antioxidant support to function as a synergistic duo for maximum overall bodily support. All products are formulated, developed, and made entirely in the USA utilizing top tier ingredients, while small batch production ensures maintained quality control.

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