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About Molr Dental Club 

Molr Dental Club started as a oral health care subscription company, after a couple years of shipping toothbrushes we learned that what our customers really wanted was teeth whitening products that were both safe and effective (and didn’t leave them feeling like they got punched in the face).

It became our mission to find teeth whitening products that worked without feeling like they worked. That lead us to launch our PAP+ whitening line, PAP+ is an alternative to traditional peroxide whitening treatments, the cool thing about PAP+ is it actually strengthens enamel while whitening and will NEVER leave your teeth and gums sore and damaged.

Molr teeth whitening products are trendy, safe and effective and will leave your customers smiling!

We offer the following products in our PAP+ line

1. PAP+ whitening Strips – a more gentle alternative to traditional whitening strips.
2. PAP+ powder – dip your toothpaste in this ultra fine powder to turn any toothpaste into a whitening toothpaste
3. PAP+ toothpaste – a fluoride free toothpaste (we use hydroxyapitiate as a fluoride alternative) that whitens while you brush

Other Molr top sellers:

V34- Purple shampoo for your teeth! Brightens and enhances white smiles by neutralizing yellow tones in the teeth (same way purple shampoo works on coloured hair)

LED wireless mouthpiece: our wireless LED mouthpiece amplifies the effects of our whitening wands. Comparable with a dental whitening treatment but is a more effective at home treatment at a fraction of the cost.

NH-Pro: a hydroxyapitiate formula for strengthening enamel and reducing tooth sensitivity to hot and cold

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