Nano Silver Mouth Rinse

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About Our Nano Silver Technology

Natural Mouth Rinse That Actually Works.

Nano Silver is quickly becoming the preferred recommendation from industry professionals and quickly increasing the demand to be made available in oral health care products.

Traditional oral products raise oral acidity and can contribute to greater tooth decay. Our Dentist Formulated mouth rinses utilize patent pending Nano Silver Technology to bust though your plaque barrier, neutralize oral acid, and deliver needed calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth. Elementa products utilize cutting edge plant based Nano Silver (not colloidal silver) that kill the germs that cause oral issues. This proprietary Nano Technology targets bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath. Xylitol improves salivary flow and relieves dry mouth symptoms and calcium helps remineralize the teeth. All this without the strong, scorching feeling we experience by competitor brands.

We use 5 simple and safe ingredients- Water, Xylitol, Natural Flavor, Calcium Acetate, & our Patent Pending Nano Silver (BFP NanoTechnology). Our products are Safe for children and adults alike. Customers now have a powerful alternative to fluoride that is more effective and non-toxic. Simple. Safe. Effective.

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