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NEXTLEAP Cold Sore Care ( ) is a new “cosmetic” approach to a big problem and is an opportunity to bring symptomatic relief to the millions of people that get recurrent cold sores (up to 30% of the population). It is a light, clear, odorless gel that helps return users to their normal appearance quickly thereby minimizing the effects that an embarrassing and painful sore can have on their personal lives.

“Look Like You Sooner” is one of our tag lines and is a crucial aspect of what we offer customers. Our surveys indicate that as many as 85% of cold sore sufferers are looking for something that works differently and better from the many options that are available to them such as Abreva and Campho-Phenique. And while NEXTLEAP provides excellent benefits when used alone, it can also be used along with these and other products since they work in different ways.

NEXTLEAP is currently only available online and is growing rapidly. But when a cold sore breaks out, time to treatment is of the essence so having immediate availability on a store shelf will provide customers with the best chance for an optimal outcome (many have reported that if used at first symptom, the dreaded tingle, sores don’t become particularly visible and often resolve within 1-2 days).

It is a little-known fact that the median effect of the prescription and OTC cold sore treatments is to reduce an outbreak by less than a day. Thus a large part of the $250M OTC cold sore market is looking for a better solution like NEXTLEAP.

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