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About Noetic Nutraceuticals

At Noetic Nutraceuticals, we bring you the best sourced ingredients at the best prices. Our tinctures are organically grown by the best vertical producer in Colorado, are non-GMO, and are of pharmaceutical grade. Our Freeze-eazeTM and other topical products (always more on the way) are created for us by an independent company here in the USA that we work with closely. We spare no expense as our products are single or double lab tested, with one lab test being from a third party laboratory. Our tinctures come in tinted glass bottles with glass droppers and our aluminum bottles are coated with resin to prevent interaction of the product with the aluminum. Your concerns about quality and safety are our concerns and we constantly strive to offer you unmatched products.

On the ingredient side, we continually work to improve our formulations and keep up with the medical research. Dr. Manison works with scientists and product formulators to create unique products that will yield the best results. This is an evolving process. We are small yet dynamic company. We can and will maneuver quickly to improve our products as research dictates. It is not our intent to just be another nutraceutical company. We strive to be the brand you will turn to for whatever product category we have offerings in.

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