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 About Normotim

Normotim is a dietary supplement designed to assist people with emotional balance and focus. It allows individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, and mood swings to maintain emotional stability. In the meantime, Normotim acts as a brain booster, improving concentration, memory, performance levels, decision-making, and other crucial cognitive processes to remove brain fog. Therefore, our target buyers range from young adults to seniors.

At the core of Normotim is a revolutionary development — lithium ascorbate (5 mg), a unique next-generation lithium salt. Our scientific team has conducted over 30 studies and published more than 20 scientific articles on Lithium Ascorbate, affirming its safety and efficacy. Lithium ascorbate is 12 times less toxic, and the effective therapeutic dose is 10 times lower than the commonly used Lithium Carbonate. Normotim is protected by 3 US Patents and is entirely produced in the US.

About Normopharm INC

Normopharm is not just a company but a dedicated scientific team that aims to develop unique, groundbreaking, top-notch mental health and well-being solutions. Our vision is to make Normotim accessible worldwide, empowering individuals to improve their quality of life by effectively managing stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional instability.

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