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About Odinnma adult pull-up protective underwear

Odinnma adult pull-up protective underwear offers ultra absorbent core for maximum absorbency that is skin friendly for all day comfort protection for users experiencing bowel and bladder leaks. Our incontinence product is designed with plant-based materials, dual leakage protection, wetness indicator, and soft fabric made in the color white that are unisex.

Odinnma Adult Incontinence Pull-up Briefs/Underwear (Disposable diapers) are plant-based with soft-fabric material that has maximum absorbency, super absorbent core that is designed to rapidly wick away moisture to keep you dry and protected in comfort. This unisex adult pull-up diaper has a feature odor control layer that keeps you comfortable for all day activity, discrete under clothing that prevents wrinkling, breathable, extra guard bands for leakage protection and skin-friendly.

Our Story
Odinnma started as a way to help people who struggle to manage their bladder leakage. At some moments, people feel ashamed and judged about their incontinence. Watching grandparents, pregnant women, or any loved one facing this challenge should never feel inadequate about loosing control of their bladder or bowel leaks. At Odinnma, there is no shame but confidence. #NOSHAMEBUTCONFIDENCE.

The Mission For Incontinence Care
Odinnma focuses on providing high quality plant-based incontinence products to help people manage their bladder leaks. Everyone deserves to move in confidence with their daily activities and take back control from bladder leakage. This is why we create super-absorbent products as protective underwear for maximum absorbency.

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