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About OraTicx

For over a quarter of a century, OraTicx has been at the forefront of research, seeking natural solutions to the root causes of oral health problems. Our expertise lies in optimizing the oral microbiome to boost immunity and promote holistic oral health. Dental probiotics, or Oral probiotics tailored specifically for oral health, play a pivotal role in our product line. These are carefully chosen strains of bacteria that promote the flourishing of beneficial microbes while keeping harmful ones in check. Incorporate OraTicx into your daily routine and experience its myriad benefits, from fresher breath and enhanced dental health to bolstered natural immunity and a balanced oral microbiome. Discover the OraTicx difference as we present an innovative approach to oral well-being, ready for U.S. retailers to embrace.

OraTicx Oral care probiotics will assist you in naturally and consistently improving oral health as well as maintaining a balanced ecosystem easily, effectively, and consistently. Probiotics for oral health are specific strains of bacteria known to support a healthy mouth and improve oral health. They encourage the growth of good bacteria and stop the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth. Our expertise is backed by 34 research studies on probiotics for oral health and 9 US & Korean patents. FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Approved!

OraTicx Green Breath Oral Probiotics :
– Eliminates Halitosis and potential bad bacteria build-up from the root of causes
– Reduces morning breath and promotes fresh breath

OraTicx Teeth & Gums Oral Probiotics:
– Creates a sturdy shield against plaque formation
– Honors gum sensitivities and inhibit any inflammation
– Fights off natural gum diseases and other harmful bacteria
– Reduces halitosis and potential bad bacteria build-up

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