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About Organifi

Organifi is a line of powdered superfoods and protein powders that cut down the cost and time of juicing daily. We strive to make health and wellness accessible to everyone. Our products reduce stress (Green Juice), boost immunity (Green Juice), beautify skin(Green and Red Juice), boost metabolism (Red Juice), gives pure clean non-caffeinated energy( Red Juice) detoxifies(Green Juice), reduce inflammation (GOLD Milk), gives a calming great night’s sleep (GOLD Milk) and give an overall feeling of great health and well being. Our Protein powder contains all of the daily vitamins that you would get in your daily multivitamin. All this and it tastes delicious!It started all with our founder, health and wellness leader Drew Canole. He surveyed his followers of approximately 5.5 million and asked them how to make  transformation easier. The survey said “An easy way to juice”.

That is when Organifi Green Juice was formulated and created by our very own team of health passionate beings.For the past 3 years, Organifi has  been on the INC. 500 Fastest Growing Companies. From $1.3M in sales in 2014 to a projected $75M in 2018, we love growth- and will continue to rise in the industry.  One thing that we do very well at Organifi is Marketing. Marketing is movement. Marketing is our voice. We have a large dedicated fan base that has been wanting us in retail locations. Some LOVE to shop online.

MANY love to shop in stores. We keep our end of the bargain. We can send email promotions to readers near your grocery store. We can recommend they come see you. We can promote you to our fervent Facebook and YouTube fans. We have a local demo team that consistently sells out the shelf. We are currently in Vitamin Shoppe, which has been a big success. We are in their top 5 selling Greens, #1 Red Juice, and #1 Golden Tea (Organifi Gold). They don’t just buy once- they keep buying it, because it provides results. We’ve also been on Amazon since 2014. We generate approximately $200k a week on Amazon- and we sell it for $10 more on Amazon then suggested MAP for retail stores. Organifi moves. People BUY Organifi.

Lastly, Organifi also loves to give back to the world. Everything in the health field is based around knowledge, and knowledge of proper nutrition, products and what the ingredients in our products provide, is what we are all about. Last year we worked on a Non-Profit called “Feed the Future”. We created sustainable gardens at 2 schools last year and taught the children how to grow produce. This year we’ve partnered with Vitamin Angels to donate $0.25 of every RED Juice sold to the organization, which is enough for every container to save the life of one child. We are sincerely passionate about making the world a better place. In that- we have just launched  Organifi in biodegradable sugarcane made containers and will be completely switched over by the new year.

I know that together we can change the world. Aligned in missions and willingness to work together to achieve a greater good. ”

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