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About Promescent

For years, there were so few options for helping delay the almighty male orgasm and giving guys more longevity in bed. Many options didn’t work, or the trade-off and side effects were far too great.

Then came Promescent.

It took years of research and development and some of the best minds in the Urological Community to land on what is now Promescent. You see, Promescent is not just another delay spray, it’s not another gimmick and it’s definitely not your average delay spray. It’s truly a new experience backed by clinical research and science to make a better you – especially in the bedroom. Promescent’s pursuit to achieve great sex is never ending and we continue to push the boundaries of sexual science throughout our development. This remains true for not only our World famous Promescent Climax Control Spray but now our lubricants, sexual wellness supplements and every product we bring to you.

We all know that on average women take longer than men to reach orgasm and science backs this. And we ‘aint talking just a few minutes. On average, women reach orgasm after about 18 minutes of stimulation where men on average take 5.5 minutes to reach the ‘big o’ – this is called the Orgasm Gap.

So, who uses Promescent?

We’ve heard from straight men, bi and gay men, younger men, older men, men in relationships, men who are playing the field, men getting their mojo back after a long drought, kink enthusiasts, swingers, and more. That’s right – Promescent is not just for guys experiencing premature ejaculation (roughly 30% of men) but those looking to be a better lover, have more enjoyable, satisfying sex and most importantly those who want to Make Love Longer™.

Since 2010 we’ve been changing the ways couples interact sexually. Over 1,000,000 bottles and thousands of reviews later, Promescent is the trusted delay spray across the globe. 2,200 Urologists, Healthcare Professionals, Sexologists and Sex Therapists now recommend Promescent as a first-line defense for treating premature ejaculation or for those simply looking to last longer in bed.

Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so.

Time and time again Promescent has been proven to be a five-star delay spray in the eyes of our users. Our total commitment to excellence and our dedication to helping couples enjoy longer lasting, more intimate sex is ingrained into our organization. We use a scientific approach to, well… beat science! Don’t only take our word for it – check out our reviews or take a peek around the web to see what your peers are saying about Promescent.

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