Proper Roller

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About Proper Roller

“You Can’t Fit A Square Peg In A Round Hole, Why Use A Flat Roller On A Curved Spine”

* Convex arch for better soft tissue mobilization
* Ergonomic central groove
* Rehabilitation and Recovery
* Affordable and Durable
* Soft tissue repair and recovery
* Travel-friendly, compact design
* Compression tested to withstand 500 lbs.static load
* Superior musculoskeletal rehabilitation
* Three dimensional convex curves to penetrate connective tissue
* Central groove to prevent injury of spine and osseous structures
* Promote blood flow and oxygenation
* Patent pending ergonomic design
* Travel friendly compact design for whenever you need it most
* Attractive retail package

Proper Foam Roller shape is the first to implement an ergonomic design to work with the curves of your body.

Foam Rollers have been used for selfcare rehabilitation of connective tissue for over 20 years

It includes a 16 phase exercise chart to cover Feet, Calf, Outer Calf, Hamstring, Iliotibial Band, Quadriceps, Piriformis, Gluteus Medius, Tensor Fasciae Latae, Hip Flexors, Sacrum, Low Back, Mid Back, Upper Back, Posterior Shoulder and Wrist Extensors

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