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About Rejoice

Rejoice is a brand new dietary supplement for overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. Rejoice is the first of its kind-the only over the counter liquid supplement, for both men and women, to help with urge and stress incontinence, nocturia. and BPH I and II. There are two formulations available: Rejoice-prevents occasional bladder leakage and Rejoice Plus-promotes maximum bladder protection. Our formulation has 5 all natural active ingredients that target 5 different areas of the bladder:

– Pumpkin Seed Extract-has an anabolic effect 7 reklaxes muscles on the bladder wall
– L-Citrulline and L-Arginine-increase Nitric oxide to relax the bladder
– Vitamin D3-receptors on the bladder hall and help strengthen pelvic floor muscles
– Prebiotic Inulin-decreases constipation

Rejoice is easy to use with once daily dosing for 24 hour protection, sugar free (safe for diabetics) no prescription needed and no pills to swallow. Rejoice is safe, simple, discreet, effective and non-invasive without the side effects of prescription medication.

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