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About SiMPL Technology LLC

SiMPL solves problems for seniors…and those who care for them. SiMPL products enable those you care for to live a more engaged, independent, and dignified life. 10,000 people per day turn 65, and people are living longer. Over 30% of the population is now over 55. SiMPL makes life significantly easier for those aging at home and their family members/caregivers. Simplifying basic daily tasks like making a phone call, watching TV, and listening to music makes a real difference to their daily quality of life. SiMPL’s management are specialist in developing products that are not only easy to use but also easy to set up. Our management includes the inventor of Reminder Rosie, a ‘familiar voice’ reminder device now offered by major insurance companies for poor medication adherence patients, helping thousands of people age at home longer. SiMPL’s CEO is the founder of Alzheimer’s store, the largest online store of its kind in the nation. Bruce Barnet has also contributed significantly to Alzheimer’s/dementia associations and the leading book, How to Alzheimer’s Your Home. No wifi, no fees, and no hassle – problems solved!

Failing eyesight, trembling hands, diminished hearing, decreased mobility, memory loss… we’ve all seen loved ones experience these symptoms as they’ve aged. This is not only difficult for the aging individuals… it is also challenging for their loved ones and their caregivers. It is estimated that there are 20 million next-of-kin caregivers and nearly one million other people employed as home health aides.

SiMPL is thrilled to be offering our best-selling products to Mr. Checkout’s sales channels. Now they can stay in touch again with photoDIAL, our top-selling item is available with 3 and 6-button options. SiMPL’s oneTOUCH simplified universal TV remote eliminates the frustration of TV remotes! And now, they can listen to music (and radio) again with our liftPLAYER and touch PLAYER. Lastly, our Entry Alerts! kit, which helps manage dangerous wandering outside, an expandable local monitoring system.

All products have retail-ready attractive packaging and collateral material in 3 languages (English, Spanish and French). SiMPL’s in-store POP materials include tri-fold pamphlets and posters. SiMPL’s ongoing 360-Degree Marketing Plan creates awareness, interest, desire, and action by utilizing Social Media to post never-ending content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube in addition to press releases, email marketing, digital advertising and SEO.
SiMPL is supported with a comprehensive technical support program with it’s live, email, and website support page.

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