Skin Grip

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About Skin Grip

Type 1 diabetics who use insulin pumps and glucose monitors know how tough it can be to get the full life out of their sensors. Due to poor adhesion, these revolutionary devices can come loose while participating in every day activities like showering, exercising, working in the heating, and swimming. This results in feelings of anxiety and fear of doing anything that would put the device at risk. Losing an expensive sensor due to poor adhesion is devastating.

Skin Grip helps active Type 1 diabetics avoid wasting CGM sensors and insulin pumps by providing them with easy to apply adhesive patches that are pre-cut to fit their monitors and pumps.

All adhesive patches are designed to extend sensor and pump life up to 14 days. The adhesive is water resistant, hypoallergenic, latex-free, and won’t cause skin irritation. Due to it’s 4-part backing, application is easy and painless. Tapes come in black, tan, pink, and blue colors, so that the user can hide it easily or stand out depending on their preferences.

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