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We are a Canadian based company called Spektrum Glasses Ltd. with brands reaching a worldwide audience.  We are one of the leaders in selling premium blue light blocking glasses that protect people’s eyes from harmful radiation that is emitted from screens.  We are a multi-million dollar company, with a few registered trademarks in multiple countries, and our products are often highly reviewed and ranked as Amazon’s top choice.  In addition to Amazon, our products can often be found on eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Shopify, as well as various retails stores such as pharmacy chains, health/nutrition brick and mortars, and optical stores – to give some examples.

Spektrum Glasses has been a proud supporter of the Cannes Film Festival with our products being gifted to various actors/actresses, filmmakers, and other opinion makers in the entertainment industry.  Our premium quality Prospek glasses are designed specifically with eye health in mind. They offer an exclusive, sophisticated and stylish look. Made from a strong and lightweight alloys, the Prospek glasses block over 50% of harmful blue light from reaching your eyes when you use a computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet.  Used regularly, these glasses can improve eye health and prevent macular degeneration, eyestrain, headache and fatigue, while simultaneously improving concentration and sleep – and all this while you look your best and stylish.

We hold Health Canada and FDA licenses for medical devices that allows for our products to be often seen at multiple pharmacies around North America.  We are able to fulfill orders quickly and directly via our US-based warehouses.

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