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About Tennessee Farmaceuticals

Welcome to TN Farmaceutical – Where Nature Meets Science for Your Wellness!

At TN Farmaceutical, we stand at the forefront of natural wellness, offering a unique blend of CBD products and botanicals tailored for specific health concerns such as pain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and various skin conditions. Our commitment extends to everyone in your family, including your pets, ensuring holistic well-being.

Our product line, featuring bespoke sublingual tinctures and roll-ons, is the result of over two years of dedicated service in the realm of natural health solutions. Each product is a testament to our promise of quality and effectiveness.

The backbone of TN Farmaceutical is our seasoned team, among whom is Dr. Greg Gerdeman, our esteemed Chief Scientist. Dr. Gerdeman is a renowned neuroscientist and a pioneer in understanding the endocannabinoid system. His expertise in synaptic plasticity, neuroprotection, and the neurophysiological aspects of the “runner’s high” in aerobic exercise brings an invaluable depth of knowledge to our brand. With over two decades of experience in cannabinoid pharmacology, both in academia and the cannabis industry, Dr. Gerdeman’s insights and guidance are integral to our innovative approach.

We invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge and the array of natural wellness products we offer at TN Farmaceutical. Dive into a world where nature meets science, and discover how we can help you and your loved ones embrace a healthier, more natural way of life.

TN Farmaceutical – CBD Products designed from the soil up.


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