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About Thera Wise

Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd. is a family-owned Canadian Health Sciences company producing award-winning innovative “Thera Wise” line of natural personal care products. The Thera Wise line consists of “Bio-Active Plant-Based Medicinal/Therapeutic Ointments”, “No Toothpaste Needed Unique Antibacterial Toothbrushes”, “Vegan Lip Balms”, “Essential Oil Blends Massage Oil Pack”, “Body Wash & Shampoo and Body Lotion Made from Northern Ingredients”.

Without a doubt, plants are our most important relationship in the world providing food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Plant medicines are for everyone, and plant-based ingredients have a bio affinity with our bodies. This means they feel and act like a part of us, something you can really feel when using Thera Wise products.

Thera Wise product was founded on the simple concept that our family and yours should have the safest, healthiest and most-effective products possible.

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