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Tre-Tra has created a “first of its kind”, unique and innovative design for easy identification of shampoo and conditioner bottles by the shape and the large raised S or C on each product. Great for all households including sight impaired individuals. The Tre-Tra’s product line consists of 2 shampoos and conditioners for various hair types. Having healthy ingredients and easy identification makes this a very special and popular products line.

Tre-Tra is a privately held company based in New York that has developed a unique hair care product line that is produced and packaged in the U.S. The founder and President of Tre-Tra, Tracy Worth, was determined to solve a problem that all people have faced at some point in their lives. “I wear glasses sometimes but never in the shower! I sometimes had a difficult time determining which bottle was shampoo or conditioner because of the labeling that is typically challenging to read. I realized that in addition to the sight impaired population that the majority of people wear glasses regardless of age or gender. I decided that I wanted to solve this problem so I created a line of hair care products that were easy to identify in the shower by the shape of the bottle and the large raised letters S for shampoo and C for conditioner.” As a result, Tre-Tra has released the “first of its kind” hair care product line that provides real value to its users in addition to its quality ingredients.

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