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VISCARE – Constantly Striving to Exceed Expectations

At VISCARE, we are a manufacturer of high quality, fashionably designed eyeglasses that absolutely live up to our tagline of “Better Glasses Than You’d Expect”. What do we mean by that? Well, there are two equally important meanings to this statement, with the first being that the build quality and style of our eyeglasses are better than you’d expect to find in shops and pharmacies across the country.

The second and by no means lesser meaning is that the glasses we supply are of such a high quality that people who buy them are often shocked at how reasonably priced they are, because of their performance and looks. When we say “Better Glasses Than You’d Expect”, we mean it in every sense possible.

What makes VISCARE eyeglasses so special?

As well as looking highly fashionable, with a choice of frames that are ideal for any occasion, our products offer a lot of lenses for your money. To give you a better understanding of what we mean, let’s take a closer look at one of our two main VISCARE product lines, our best-selling anti-blue light protection eyeglasses, with the other being our range of non-prescription reading eyeglasses.

Synthetic Melanin

What makes our anti-blue light glasses so effective is that they prevent harmful HEV light rays getting through to your eye using a US-patented synthetic MELANIN material. Melanin occurs naturally in the body and it is the pigment that makes your skin and hair darker to protect against UV damage from the sun. This synthetic compound has been infused into each lense to offer a superior viewing experience.

Increased Visual Performance

Wearing melanin lenses not only protects your eyes against screen glare by reducing the straining effects of the harshest and brightest spectrum colors, but also offer increased visual performance in terms of contrast and comfort – meaning that eye strain is greatly reduced. This is because it lets through the less harmful light, but not the harmful kind, for a brighter, vivid color, glare-free experience.

FDA Registered

VISCARE melanin eye glasses are backed by science, as they are FDA registered and compliant and lab tested to ensure toughness and clarity. All of our eyeglasses are put impact resistance drop ball testing to ensure they are tough enough to carry our name, with the frames being tested for plastic and metal chemical release levels. 

Precise Clarity

Our lense manufacturing process has been designed to create crystal clear vision, without fine lines or scratches and the magnifying power is so precise that there is only a 0.02% variation tolerance. Anything not meeting these standards simply won’t get our approval, as we believe our customers only deserve the best.

So, if you want your customers to be wowed by your eyeglasses range and its affordability when visiting your shop or pharmacy, then you simply have to take a look at what we have to offer. Able to blend high end classical chic with the high-tech functionality of cutting edge lense technology, VISCARE eyeglasses will keep your customers coming back time after time.

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