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About WanderBar

WanderBar is a personal care startup based in Springfield, VA, but the idea for the company originated overseas. Co-founders Aaron and Angel travelled throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia in 2016 and the early part of 2017, and during this time, they began realizing how inconvenient and wasteful travel-sized body care products are. It was always a hassle to make sure you buy or pour your products into a small enough container. It was then inconvenient to have to unpack your products as you go through airports screening. It was infuriating to follow all these rules to only find the bottles leaked somewhere along the way!

So in 2018, WanderBar was born. WanderBar offers travel-friendly, all-natural shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and lotion bars. From an ingredient perspective, WanderBar knows many individuals are making decisions to stay away from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and preservatives, so they developed products to fit this need. They pride themselves on providing a product that works and leaves their customers body feeling clean and moisturized, naturally. All of their products are in solid bar form, and designed to be stress-free when going through airports. By being in bar form, WanderBar products mitigate environmental impacts by reducing water waste and plastic consumption.

The lotion bars are ultra-moisturizing and hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients. The travel-friendly shampoo bar let’s customers cleanse without over-stripping the skin/scalp’s natural oils, while the conditioner bar smoothens and moisturizes hair. All products are TSA friendly and therefore perfect for traveling.

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