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About Well Traveled

Well Traveled Immune Activator is a natural drink mix for immune support and gut health. Designed for travelers and people on the go. A better-for-you, science-backed alternative to Emergen-C and Airborne. It contains award-winning prebiotics and postbiotics, plant-based Vitamin C, D & Zinc, and no added sugar or artificial additives. Just open a packet, mix with 8-16 oz of water, and enjoy!

The patented, award-winning ingredients we use (BeniCaros® prebiotic, IMMUSE postbiotic) are backed by 35 clinical studies and provide breakthrough immune support. BeniCaros trains immune cells to respond faster and stronger. IMMUSE is the first ever food & dietary ingredient that activates a rare type of immune cell called pDCs, leaders of the immune system that orchestrate most other immune cells. These two ingredients do things no other dietary ingredients can!

Modern life takes a toll on our immune system and gut. Long days, stress, germs, and travel wear us down and leave us vulnerable. Mainstream immunity products like Emergen-C and Airborne are sugary, artificial, and mildly effective. Well Traveled is fixing this problem by offering a better-for-you, science-backed supplement for immune and gut health.

Well Traveled can be sold in a box of 10 packets or as individual packets (e.g., at checkstand). Both SKUs have a UPC.

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