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About Wizard Research Laboratories

Wizard Research was formed by a team of scientists with the intention of providing reliable and practical medical solutions for at-home use. Our first product was a miniature, handheld nebulizer. Unlike other nebulizers, it is portable, sleek, and silent, capable of producing an even finer mist than the common compressor unit.
It is all about how you feel! Our goal is to keep you the healthiest you can be through early intervention. Our Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Handheld Nebulizer, and Electric Heated Dry Eye Mask help keep you well, longer!
Our products (Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Handheld Nebulizer, and Electric Heated Dry Eye Mask) transform the lives of our patients for the better. We stand by what we make, and we believe our medical equipment is the most reliable on the market today.

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