X-Haltation Limited Menstrual Cups

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About X-Haltation Limited Menstrual Cups

More women are choosing a menstrual cup over other hygiene products for their next cycle.

LORcup offers:

Large and small menstrual cups, with an accompanying cotton bag to store the menstrual cup.

  • Superior quality product and packaging
  • Sponsored membership to JustAnswer
  • Decreased environmental footprint
  • Monetary savings, as a reusable product
  • Increased customer comfort and freedom of movement
  • Improved hygiene and decreased risk of infections

X-Haltation Limited has partnered with JustAnswer a worldclass online question and answer website that connects visitors with knowledgeable users in several categories including medical, legal, automotive, veterinary, and technical support.

Customers who purchase a LORcup receives a voucher contained in the packaging. The voucher contains instructions and the voucher number to access a paid membership for the period of 1-week to the JustAnswer expert service valued at $5.

With this membership you have access to:

  • Connect one on one with an expert
  • Get your answer in minutes
  • Unlimited chats with verified experts
  • 1-week free membership
  • Cancel anytime
  • Thousands of highly rated, verified experts
  • Specialties include: Gynecologists, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics,
  • Veterinarians, Electricians & Plumbers, TV & Electronics and more.

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