Zinbi Gum

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About Zinbi Gum

Zinbi Gum is designed to help reduce pain and to help promote healing associated with canker sores and other oral irritations. Our U.S. patent pending formulation combines the power of mother nature with science to provide you with a natural, safe, and effective alternative to traditional drugs for your oral pain. Zinbi Gum is made using a patented tri-layer cold-press technology so that all the ingredients retain their highest potency and natural healing powers.

Each ingredient in Zinbi Gum has been extensively studied in clinical trials. Many active compounds have been isolated and their functions scientifically validated. Zinbi Gum combines ingredients that have positive outcomes in human trials, in a proportion that enhances their efficacy, using a patented cold-compressed tri-layer technology.Our ingredients were specifically chosen to work synergistically together. Each piece of Zinbi gum contains ingredients that not only have beneficial qualities, they are used in a myriad of food dishes to enhance flavor throughout the world.

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