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About ZŌK

ZŌK is the world’s first consumer friendly device (US Patent Pending) that naturally reduces the symptoms of headaches and migraines by activating the cranial nerves through light, inner-ear pressure stimulation. Since the official launch of ZŌK in February of 2019, there have been nearly 50,000 ZŌK devices sold direct to consumer exclusively through https://zokrelief.com/.  We currently provide pharmacies and retailers 50 to 60 point margins depending on the order quantity

ZŌK was invented by Dr. John Hatch DACNB, FABBIR and is used in his brain rehabilitation clinic (The Brain Rehab Clinic) as well as numerous doctor offices and clinics across the US.

ZŌK was inspired by a newly-discovered medical technique, which was facilitated by an expensive and enhanced medical device for reducing the symptoms of headaches and migraines. Through testing and innovation, Dr. Hatch created a simple and consumer-friendly device that provides relief from tension and pressure inside the head within minutes.

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