Five Tips to Write a Viral Blog Post

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

For a blog post to go viral, it must be captivating and sustaining. The blog post may address an issue that will draw a lot of interest. Going viral with a blog post takes doing more than the ordinary. The content of a post may be an interesting read but the title may not be inspiring. The same goes for a blog post content which is not interesting but has a catchy title – after reading the first paragraph, it loses readers.

The present generation of readers has been noted to have staggering focus when reading and it takes a stimulating read to help maintain focus. Your blog post can go viral if you apply some tips. These will be given subsequently.

Evoke curiosity. How captivating is the title? You may have to try a list of possible titles before you find one but the stress is worth it. The headlines and titles must be enough to make any random person stop to read the first paragraph. Before you upload a post, you should have a team of proofreaders. You don’t have to get professionals; you can use friends and colleagues to proofread a post. Listen to their opinions on the title. You can suggest a check on the interesting nature of the title. People will give their time if they see it is worth it for a blog post.

An interesting title, most times, is one with a surprising title. This means, a title on an issue that is of great interest or a disagreement to a prevalent view or opinion. Since your content is meant to justify the assertion you are making in the title, let your title claim a minute or two from the reader. Your title might be in form of a question, exclamation, assertion, or command – just let it capture attention.

Flow with popular reasoning by making statements that people would want to support. As much as you want to capture people’s attention, you have to be careful of pushing them off with things they would not support or endorse of. Even if your goal is a dissenting opinion to a prevalent belief, you have to make arguments that would appeal to their sense of reasoning. You must understand that changing someone’s opinion of something is not easy as a lot of conclusions might have been made from that opinion. It will take a systematic arrangement of agreeable premises to achieve your goal.

Furthermore, a viral blog post is one that will get to different people of different classes of the society. It cannot be a post with statements that only a class of people would agree with, it has to be statements of general consensus. You can find a popular saying or quote from a respected person to give your argument support.

Provide a pathway to solve interesting problems or general problems. It will be worth the time spent reading if a blog post provides solution to interesting or general problems. Solutions to problems draw a lot of attention – write on it. There are problems everywhere; more are created by the day. For instance, an old Station Wagon may be taking too much space in a garage and the owner doesn’t want to sell it scrap by scrap as it was dear to a late relative. A blog post about making the best out of an old Station Wagon would definitely spark a lot of interests as many would have written the car off.

As much as you are providing solutions, ensure these solutions are practicable and are really working. Test the solutions yourself to see their practicability. You would be surprised how the blog post would be shared for its solutions.

Talk about things no one else is talking about. This is how you can gain traction. A lot of important things are overlooked for “more important” subjects. This creates a vacuum that you can fill with your strategic blog post. For instance, there is a channel on YouTube that talks about why things are repeatedly what they are. An issue that was addressed was the reason jeans trousers have tiny pockets and then normal pockets. This drew a lot of views as it was a unique post that inspired curiosity.

There are a lot of things that are not discussed but they generate a lot of questions, consciously and unconsciously, in the minds of people. You should always look at this – they will generate quite a reading. You must note that an interesting topic shows the way to an interesting read, work on the title.

Make your post packed with useful content. A title can be catchy, the content interesting, the theme forceful, but the usefulness lacking. This is because it was only written to talk about something that doesn’t touch on anything in the present. Your blog post must be worth sharing to friends and colleagues. This will only be when the blog post has substantial useful content.

Useful content might be subjective but you have the option of sharing it with your team of proofreaders. They can go through the content and judge by what is written down.

It is particularly fitting to have in mind that a post that would go viral is a post that is useful, interesting, and ultimately gives the promise of the solution to a problem. Putting these key things to consideration will help to shape how the content of the post will be.

In conclusion, a blog post that will go viral and gain traction is one that has to be different. People read blog posts everyday but they are looking for a captivating blog post that will spark a discussion with colleagues during lunch breaks at work or during an outing with friends. Your blog post can give all that and even more. However, you must take note of different essential things. The place of research to a writer can never be downplayed. Your content lies in the research.

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