How To Move On After Making A Mistake At Work

Life is like a thrilling rollercoaster ride, when you are up you feel there is nothing the world can throw at you but when you are down it feels like you have just been swallowed by the earth. Mistakes tend to leave the latter feeling of disgust and disappointment but as some might say it is all part of the process. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how old you are or how much experience you have, mistakes have a way of bringing you right back down to earth. Experience plays a huge role in life especially in the hectic world of health care services, however mistakes can happen anytime at a pharmacy or a clinic. Making mistakes is not the problem but dwelling in that state is the issue, remember it is not about how many times you fall but how many times you get back on the saddles and ride. It may be difficult but let me show you how to move on from a grave mistake at work.

Firstly, acknowledge that you made a mistake and feel sorry for what you have done. The first step to recovery is admission. Understand that you and only you made this mistake and assess the damage of your mistake. Look at the potential consequences and right there offer solutions to the problem. In addition to this, allow yourself to feel sorry about what you have done but don’t linger in this state.

Secondly, take full responsibility for your actions. Apologize promptly to your boss or superior, don’t mince words but tell your boss exactly what happened. Be direct and unambiguous with your statements, clarify every doubt that the mistake will repeat itself and stand firm. Be humble In the way you approach your boss, don’t be rude or arrogant, let him understand your mistake and your plight to make amends if given the opportunity.

After you have taken responsibility for your actions, it is time to prepare yourself. Being apologetic doesn’t give you immunity from the consequences of the mistakes. You will have to rebuild trust with your boss and other colleagues so it is important you don’t throw people under the bus with you. It is definitely not a good space to be if your colleagues hate you, believe me I have been there. Do what needs to be done but don’t rush things.

I didn’t get enough sleep the night before my dreadful mistake so I was all over the place at work the following day, I knew I wasn’t supposed to sign off on the document but I couldn’t muster the strength to go get the necessary document so I signed off on it anyway and the rest they say is history. In essence, take care of yourself, the reason why I made the mistake was my lack of sleep so identifies whatever troubles you are having and deal with it because they always find a way of showing its ugly head at the office.

Finally, do everything you can to make things right. Whatever that is in your control to make things right in your office or at home, please do it. Focus more on your task and remove any form of distraction. Strive to work harder and prove to your boss that you have moved past the mistake you made. One most important element in this whole ordeal is saying” I am sorry, I made a mistake”.

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