Managing Vs Leading In Effective Retail Pharmacy Business

As an independent or retail pharmacist, it’s expected to assume several roles in the course of providing an efficient and effective service delivery. You must combine the roles of a leader and a manager if you want to meet up with the needs of your patients. This is to say that running a profitable investment in pharmacy means that you will be ready to cope with some challenges in the area but you can’t until you are equipped with the traits of a manager and a leader. You have to possess effective time management skills and capacity to solving organizational problems but this can be achieved via communication.

Your pharmacy business will be shaped by the way you lead manage your technicians and other employees since they always look up to you. There is need for you to watch every action you take because it can either raise or lower their morale. You don’t need to be told that the morale of your employees will determine, to a large extent, the fate of your business.

Several positions have been posed on the difference between managing and leading but one logical conclusion that can be reached is: Managing has multiple and leading is just one of these arms. I believe the long debate on managing and leading can now be laid to rest but what does the retail pharmacist need to do to ensure effective management of their pharmacy? Independent and retail pharmacists to manage their pharmacy business can use the points raised below:

  • Specify task: Business is all about tasks and targets to be met. As a retail pharmacist, you should spell out the tasks of your employees in concrete terms so that they can understand what they had to do. In the course of doing this, you should create an enabling work environment for them so that meeting your specified tasks won’t be impossible.
  • Know employees’ strengths and weaknesses: As an independent pharmacist, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees so that you will know how to structure your organizational tasks. This will help you fix the right employee for a particular task and your pharmacy will receive the major boost you need to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Appreciate your employees: Don’t fail to have time to appreciate your employees with rewards and recognitions, as this will help boost their morale. Employees are happy to do more when they are happy and the appreciation you give them will make them eager to go beyond their regular daily tasks.
  • Boost teamwork: Create an avenue like staff meetings that can encourage or promote cohesion and build team spirit for your employees. Doing this will portray you as someone who has the welfare or care of the employees at heart and it will strengthen your employees to put in their efforts more than they had been doing.
  • Communicate well: The impact of communication in business cannot be overemphasized and retail pharmacy is not an exception. As the manager, the independent pharmacist needs to be accessible for the employees especially when they want to speak their minds. You shouldn’t just boss them; you must be ready to listen to them. By this, you can drain the pool of misinformation that might want to end the fortune of your pharmacy.

Managing and leading are the strength of every retail pharmacist who wants to render efficient and effective pharmacy service to patients and customers.

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