Maximize Family Time When Work Becomes Too Busy

I may not have a spouse or children yet but I sure do know it is much more fulfilling coming home to your family after a hard days job at the office. My dad was a tireless worker before he retired; he got up as early as 5am everyday and came back past the hour of 9. However, he always found the strength to wake up every morning to repeat this grueling cycle and I wondered why. He derived overwhelming joy spending time with us even after a stressful day; it didn’t matter to him if he slept on the couch while we were watching TV. As far as he was with his family, he knew he would find the strength to continue.

Family is what is most important because at the end of the day who are you working for? In a tedious work setting such as the pharmacy, there is a large workload on every member of that retail business; from the owner down to the employees or technicians – the pharmacy is a busy place to work in or even be in. With the overload of responsibilities in the pharmacy it is very easy for workers to forget their families or prioritize family time at the bottom of their list. Mark out times in your personal diary or calendar that you want to spend with your family, if you have kids mark their special days like birthdays, school plays and other important dates. You could also do a Sunday cook out, invite some of your friends and family, spend time and enjoy games with them.

You can also maximize your time with family by planning ahead. Once you get a free time ensure you utilize it well, get everything in place and never be in a hurry. Thoroughly enjoy every moment you have with them. Try to get everyone involved in the family activity you want to engage them in; your children or husband can suggest what they want to do. Sometimes it’s not even about going about, you could stay in the comfort of your home and thrill your family.

It is one thing to have time for your family and it is another thing to enjoy spending time with them. Do not spend time with them because everyone is doing but enjoy having your family around. Understand that creating a family time is a joint effort, let everyone get involved, spend adequate time with the children and enjoy the company of your spouse. Make memories while spending time with your family, this was one thing my dad always did. We had lots of memories when he came back from work or even when we went out. Always endeavor to mow the best of the time you have with them.

One important fact to note is to make your family feel important; let them know they are not an excuse to get out of work but a privilege to be with. Give them ample amount of time and your undivided attention is required. I know I would never forget how much my dad did for us and how it helped him everyday when he was at work. Remember that good family time equals great productivity at work.