Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Fall Into When Branding Themselves

In the past few years, personal branding has really become important and it is no longer just a competitive advantage. As an independent pharmacy, personal branding is vital so as to take advantage of certain business opportunities as well as enact social change.

In order to get the most out of personal branding, one needs to be really smart about it. If one is not careful, one can make great errors when branding oneself as an entrepreneur.

Below are some mistakes you can make that can sabotage your brand as an entrepreneur.

The real problem it poses is that in truth, you’ll be convincing your followers to check out the platform of other brands in your industry for knowledge.

Instead of depending on sharing the contents of other brands, try to work on generating your own. Express your personal opinions, develop a voice, and post contents you think your ideal customers will really care about. Once you’ve established yourself as a brand, you can then begin to supplement it with some contents from the Internet.

  • Waiting until something goes wrong: As an entrepreneur, this attitude is very destructive when building a brand.

Let’s use this as an illustration; Dentists generally recommend that we brush our teeth 2 times in a day, every day.  How will it be if we only try to brush our teeth once they are starting to turn funky and brown? It is highly likely you’ll get gum diseases or some intensive tooth aches.

The way personal branding works is similar to that. Once something goes wrong and you have to contend with it, taking control of your platform narrative will be more difficult. A lot of entrepreneurs actually realize their Internet presence only when they are having troubles. This is a great mistake.

As an entrepreneur, when you do your personal branding preventatively, it would be more effective and gives you less stress. Putting in a bit of work now can help you ease things up later.

You need to distinguish yourself from other competing brands and make your own memorable for your target audience.

There is lots of information being thrown at people every day in this noisy digital world so such a feat is not quite easy to pull off.

In order to make an average person remember your brand, you may need to make up to 5 to 7 impressions. This shows how much time and consistency is important.

You need to actually put in a great amount of work so as to connect with the ideal customers constantly.

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