Productivity Tips

How to Improve Employee Productivity in Retail Business

As a retailer, if your business grows and develops well, you have to maximize productivity in every aspect—especially with your workers.  They are an integral and vital part of the success of your in-store operations so it important to consider how to encourage and motivate them in order to keep them at their best in terms of productivity.

The aim of this post is to outline ways in which you can keep can keep your employees at the top of their game. Below are some tips to help you boost employee productivity

  • Employ the right people

In February 2017, a study published by Gallup revealed that 70% of workers in America don’t really feel engaged at work. This means only 30% of the total workforce is inspired and motivated to put in their best work on a daily basis; this is not an ideal figure.

As an independent pharmacist, in order to improve productivity, you need to ensure all the people you hire are part of that meager 30%.

To build a team like that, here are 2 tips for you:

  1. Recruit on Different Channels: To get the right worker nowadays, there are various places to hire from. Post the jobs openings you have everywhere you can: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You will able to reach more people if you cast a wide net and this will give you the chance to pick the right people from the sea of candidates.
  2. Instead of an Interview, Have a Conversation: When looking to hire people, it is important to choose you will truly enjoy being around and work with. To figure this out, let the “interview” be more like a conversation. Ensure you fish out what you want while making it seems casual, as if you’re having conversation with a friend.
  • Provide regular feedback and recognition

The morale of your workers will likely suffer if they show up every day and you don’t give them proper recognition for the work they do in your store. This will affect productivity as well.

It is important to often let each of your employees know that you really appreciate their contribution to your business and you can occasionally let them know how their work is affecting your overall operations.

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they will be motivated to carry ask the tasks you delegate to them and this in turn will boost productivity.

  • Invest in training programs

It is important to pay your staff well but you need to also ensure they have enough training. This statement involves 2 things so here is the explanation:

The first thing is to train your staff in all the various areas of your independent pharmacy business and operations. Since most of the products you offer as a pharmacist requires precision and delicacy, all your workers should have enough knowledge about the various sections, closing and opening procedures, inventory counts etc.

Secondly, consider a development program for your staff. It doesn’t have to be anything huge such as conference or traditional course. It may be a kind of collaborative effect between the leader (you) and your workers to ensure you constantly foster both professional and personal improvement.

This investment may be in form of a small stipend for fitness or books on a regular basic, maybe monthly. It may also be an allowance to go to an event or trade show relevant and related to your business.

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