Relationship Building Versus Selling

One thing you can’t take away from business is the need to build a working relationship between business owners, the employees, and their esteemed customers. This is so because sales can’t work in an organization that paid no attention to relationship building. If the relationship within the pharmacy is not cordial enough, there will be conflict and this will have severe consequences on the pace at which the pharmacy runs its production. It is obvious that the pharmacy won’t have the capacity to meet up with the demands of its customers and its collapse, in the industry, is imminent.

Internal rift could be easily addressed but when turbulent relationship of an organization with its customers can only lead to lack of trust and low patronage from the customers. At such stage, the organization should be ready to bow to its competitors because it needs customers to remain in business. As an independent or retail pharmacist, you can’t underestimate the enviable role of relationship building with your customers because without it, your products will suffer for it. Without building cordial relationship with your customers, you can’t get the much-needed sales for your pharmacy products and your pharmacy would have to wind off. I’m sure you don’t want that as much as I don’t.

So, what are we saying? It is when you have developed a strong relationship with your customers that you can influence them to buy your products. It is then that they will be interested in whatever you have got to tell them because they see you as a friend. After all, nobody would want to patronize an unknown person and there is no way you can build familiarity with your customers outside this form of relationship. Communication has got a huge part to play here as it encourages rapports between you, your employees, and your customers. For you to boost his relationship, you will need to adopt these amazing techniques.

  • Mirroring And Matching: This technique shows that you should be ready to mimic what your customers do as this will make them associate with you. The proponents of mirroring and matching confessed that it is a potent method of building working relationship with one’s customers.
  • Looking For Common Experiences: Which experience do you share with your customers? As a retail pharmacist, you should look at the things you and your customers share in a bid to reach out to them. Check through the social media that you share with your customers and relate with them via such platforms. Before you know it, you would have put in place a robust relationship with your customers via such platforms.
  • Give Attention To Your Customers: Attention is one thing your customers will always demand from you and you must not deny them. Research has shown that organizations that listen to their customers do better in the market. This is an area that you must not ignore as you try to boost the sales of your pharmacy products.

As a retail pharmacist, you need to create avenue for relationship building in your pharmacy, as this is the only proven way you can improve the rate at which your pharmacy products are sold.

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